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Hope Starts Here, along with United Way of Southeastern Michigan, the City of Detroit and more than a dozen other partners are showing how Detroiters can come together to meet a crisis head-on

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Hope Starts Here, along with the city of Detroit Mayor’s Office, United Way of Southeastern Michigan and more than a dozen other partners are showing how Detroiters can come together to meet a crisis head-on​. These collective partners are fully committed to ensuring that families and caregivers have the resources they need to support our youngest children. According to Michigan’s Governor Whitmer, essential workers are individuals “who are necessary to sustain or protect life.” Immediately, healthcare, public health, law enforcement, first responders, grocers, and their employees come to mind. A group that generally doesn’t make the top of this list are early childcare providers without whom healthcare, law enforcement, and others with young children would be unable to perform critical life sustaining services for our community. As early childcare providers, you are essential, and we know there is an evolving set of needs to address during this pandemic. We stand ready to help you meet those needs.

Denise Smith

Implementation Director, Hope Starts Here

A Guide for Detroit Child Care Providers to Navigate the Covid-19 Crisis

Hope Starts Here and partners worked with an early education expert to breakdown the implications of Covid-19 on the early education community in Detroit. The document is divided into three sections:

  • Knowledge Guide

    A knowledge guide including the most current information on how to: 1) maintain the financial stability of your program, 2) protect the health of your children, families and staff and 3) support the well-being of your families and community

  • Risk/Benefit assessment

    A risk/benefit assessment to help guide your decision of whether to remain open (or re-open) to offer child care to families, prioritizing services to children of critical infrastructure workers.

  • Resource Flow-Chart

    A flow chart to lead you to the resources most relevant for you and your program. The flow chart will take you through three steps that will help you: 1) inventory short-term revenue and expenses given current conditions Calculate short-term cash flow to meet your needs and 2) seek additional funding as necessary